I recently heard this podcast on How to Anchor Your Homeschool Day. It is helpful for me to think in terms of steps instead of time slots, because children are not easy to fit into time frames. There are interruptions. Poopy diapers, spilled cereal, broken glass (I am slowly replacing glass with stainless steel as much as I can)…you know what I mean.

I have been thinking about what I can use every day as anchors, and ordering everything else around it. (Anchors marked with an asterisk*)
*Bible time
Clean up, brushing teeth
*Read Indescribable (next How Great is Our God) by Louie Giglio
Research what we read about (Bees? Go do a unit study on bees. Print off worksheets, watch short educational videos, find books, even visit a bee farm, etc…this can take a day or a week, depending on subject and interest level. HAVE FUN!)
*Forest school time! Go wander the woods and learn about whatever is there. Will increase researching and applying particular study themes in our observations and engagements there in the future. (Sometimes we do this right after breakfast, or after nap, depending on the day).
*Cooking, cleaning, lunch
Read from illustrated Bible, nap for little one, sometimes we listen to Odyssey if he needs more time to settle down.
*Print and trace Bible verse of the week (I got a Trace Font so I can make my own)
Practice writing alphabet and numbers 1-20
Do a page or more of workbook
*Play outside! Or at a play place if it’s too cold
Occasional errands/Library (Not during COVID19 – I go to the store by myself when my husband can watch the kids, or order online)
*Dinner, family time
Bedtime prep (bath, brush teeth, PJs)
*Read in bed until parents fall asleep
Listen to Narnia audiobooks or Adventures in Odyssey (more free episodes here) these are so excellent. I grew up listening to both and I believe my vocabulary and emotional/social intelligence was fed daily by Odyssey especially.

Kingstone Bible Trilogy – most comprehensive and beautiful illustrated graphic novel-style Bible
I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God
Indescribable and How Great is our God by Louie Giglio
Who Sang the First Song?

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